We are recognized by reputable private and public sector based poverty alleviation and multilateral donor agencies as disbursing agents for community-based programmes and various poverty alleviation schemes.

Below are some of the programmes that we have partaken in the past:

  • We have work as participating financial institution in disbursement of 2Billion of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Fund (MSMEDF) for Bayelsa State Government for in 2015-2016. To disbursed =N=278 Million to 62 Beneficiaries which our bank was rated as the best institution in successfully administerrd this fund to the beneficiaries and has imparted to the economic growth in Bayelsa State.
  • We have partnered with Development Initiatives, an NGO and Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) to disburse the sum of N18 million in three communities in Southern Ijaw under a micro-credit scheme funded by the two organizations.
  • We have also worked with the National Agency for Poverty Alleviation (NAPEP) in which we received the sum of N38 million and disbursed under the village Empowerment Programme.
  • Equator Microfinance Bank is accredited by the Bayelsa State Micro credit Administration Agency as a key partner in the scheme for the provision of micro financial and ancillary services under its empowerment programme for the economically active poor within the state.
  • The MFB is a long standing partner to FADAMA III World Bank assisted project for the disbursement of funds to recognized FADAMA User Groups in Bayelsa State. We have the record of managing the largest participants from over twenty communities.
  • To date, we have disbursed over N100 million to various FADAMA User Groups (FUGs) in various communities in Bayelsa and are presently working on an additional disbursement of N45 million through this scheme.
  • We have provided financial services and consultant with an NGO (Wetlands International Africa) in disbursement of =N=6.2M as a Microcredit scheme to Opume Community & Abobiri Communities. We also help developing a business plans with a robust strategies to help the communities in making the scheme a successful
  • We have recently deployed a state of the art software that will enable our customers use the Automated Teller Machine cards (ATM cards) nationwide, thereby making us the first MFB in Niger Delta to deploy this technology


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